Easy steps to create signature for the Hotmail account

We want to add signature in Hotmail account, to give your email a touch of personalization. Here is the step by step guidance to add signature in your email.

  • Step 1

Open your Hotmail login page by entering the correct URL in your web browser.

  • Step 2

Login to your Hotmail account using your login credential and password.

  • Step 3

Find the option button present on the inbox page. Find the option button at the right side of the page.

  • Step 4

When you click on the button “Option”, a drop down list will open with many other options, here you need to click on “More options”. This will open your Hotmail account setting page.

  • Step 5

On this page you will find the different section, with different setting options.

  • Step 6

To reach at signature settings option, you need to click on the section “Writing email” and then on the option present in the same section “Message font and signature”.

  • Step 7

Hover for the option “Personal signature’ at this page, as this is the page, where you need to add signature in your account.

  • Step 8

Hotmail will show you different options for creating the signature. You can use this option for creating a unique signature.

Finally to give a shape to your signature, click on the option “Mode” and in the mood list you need to click on another object which is “Rich text”.

  • Step 9

Type your signature and make changes accusing the font size and font type. You can also use the alignment option to keep the signature on the left side or right side or in the middle of the page. For example, you can type signature in the bar and use the font Arial and font size 10 and keep the signature, and select the option left side. And, then you will have a signature in aerial font, 10 font size and at the left side of the mail.

  • Step 10

Once you are done with the process and have finalized your signature, then click on the “save’ button to save it.

  • Step 11

Using the same process, you can add more than one signature to your Hotmail account and use it as per your requirement. Additionally, Hotmail also gives you many other options to add things in your signature. For example, if you want to add the URL of your website in your signature, you can import the URL from the saved location, using the import option present at the same page. The benefit of adding the website URL in signature is that the person you are sending the email does not have to switch the page to open your website. He/she can simply click on the website URL present in a signature to open the website.

In addition to that, Hotmail also allows you to add a small logo of your company. The simple process to add a logo in the signature is the same as website URL. You save the company logo in your system, and then import it to the signature page using the import option present, and place it in your signature.

  • Step 12

After saving the changes made in the signature page, click on the options “move to inbox”.

  • Step 13

To check if your signature has been properly made, click on the option “compose mail”, a new draft page with open with the default signature. If you have made more than one signature, the page will show you the option to change the signature before sending the mail. If required, you can substitute the default signature, with the one you want to send.

  • Step 14

If you find any issue in the signature you created just, logout of your Hotmail account and turn off your system.

  • Step 15

Turn on your system and log in again to your Hotmail account.  After landing on the inbox page, click on the options “compose mail”. This time you will see the perfect signature created by you.

  • Step 16

If you did not like the signature you created, follow the same steps to make changes in your current signature and make it according to your exact requirement.

Important points to remember while creating signature in Hotmail

  • You should have proper internet connectivity while creating the signature for your Hotmail account.
  • Keep your laptop or desktop fully charged when you are in the process of creating signature for the account.
  • If you are creating multiple signatures, Hotmail will give you the option to name signatures you have created, to make it easy for you to select it when you are sending a mail. You can name the signature like, work, personal, internal, etc.

How to activate auto-reply in Hotmail account?

The auto reply feature of Hotmail is very interesting and useful when you are on leave and want to inform people sending mail to you that you are unavailable. Check here the easy guide how to activate the auto-reply feature of Hotmail.

  • Step 1

To active the auto reply feature in your Hotmail account is login to your account using the right URL.

  • Step 2

Get onto the inbox page after login to the Hotmail account using your correct login credential that is your user id and password.

  • Step 3

When you are in your inbox page, Check the right top of your page and locate the icon ‘option’.

  • Step 4

There you will find the option “more options”. If you are unable to locate it at the first attempt, scroll down your cursor and check.

  • Step 5

When you will tap the option “more option”, a new page will open with various categories, here you need to tap on the category “Manage your account’.

  • Step 6

In this category, look for the option “Send automated vacation replies”. This is the default reply present in the Hotmail setting page. You can use it whenever you are not available to reply the received messages.

  • Step 7

Click on the “Send automated vacation replies” option, and then a new page will open.

  • Step 8

When you will click on this option again a new screen will option, giving you two options to set.

  1. Don’t send any vacation reply.
  2. Send vacation replies to people who email me.
  • Step 9

Your default setting would be don’t send any vacation reply. So, here you need to change it to “Send vacation replies to people who email me”.

  • Step 10

When you will click on the second option, a mail page will open. Here, you can draft the message that you want to leave to people who send you email.

“Unfortunately, Hotmail does not let users to change the subject line of the auto-reply message. The auto-reply of Hotmail delivers mail to the sender’s mail with the subject line “Vacation Reply”. So, even if someone is sick and had to select the auto-reply feature of Hotmail, his auto-reply mail receiver will get the mail with the subject line “Vacation Reply”. People who use Hotmail application and have used this feature are aware of this. But, for people who are new to this, may feel this annoying.

Therefore, Hotmail gives mail draft option to users, in case they want to something about their absence in the office.

  • Step 11

When you have drafted the messages, click on the option save to save and at the bottom of the mailbox, there is a check box present, which you need to check in.

  • Step 12

The check in box contains the message “only reply to your contacts”. When you check in this box, you ensure that, your vacation message will be sent to the people who are in your contact list. Otherwise, the Hotmail will start sending the auto reply messages to everyone who sent mail to them. This will increase the chances of replying to spam mail, which will further increase the spam mail incoming in your account.

  • Step 13

Now, click on the save button present at the bottom of the draft box. This will save the changes made.

  • Step 14

Land on the inbox page and log off from your account.

  • Step 15

Turn off your system and wait for a few seconds.

  • Step 16

Turn on your system and open your Hotmail account. To check if you have activated the auto-reply feature properly, send a mail to your Hotmail ID from your alternate email, which is there in Hotmail contact list. Or ask a friend to send mail to your Hotmail account, who used to send you mail regularly.

How to remove auto reply?

Once you have rejoined the office, do not forget to remove the Auto reply. To remove auto-reply, you have to follow the same path; you followed to activate auto-reply. The difference here will be you need to click on the option “Don’t send any vacation reply” and save the changes.

The best part about the Hotmail auto reply is that, it sends the auto reply to the sender only once in a day, no matter how many times, the sender sends messages in our inbox.

Important points to remember when you are activating the auto reply

  • Keep your system properly charged as it should not get turned off in between.
  • Your internet connectivity should remain proper when you are activating the feature.
  • Activate an auto-reply only when you are from the office, or it will start sending the vacation email, even when you are there in the office and working.

Use Hotmail calendar to manage work

Want to use your Hotmail account calendar to manage your work here is the way you can do this.

The Hotmail account calendar can be managed in different ways. To use it more effectively first thing you have to do is:


  1. Open the Hotmail login page using the correct URL and get login to your account with your login credential.
  2. After landing on the main page of your Hotmail email account, hover for the calendar option. This option you can find at the left lower side of the landing page.
  3. Click on the calendar option to open and start working on it.

Once you will click on the calendar option, a normal calendar will open. But, because you want to make it better, so check for other options present in the page. On the left hand side of the page, you can check Hotmail present different types of calendar option for you.

My calendar, US holidays, birthday calendar and friends and fun

To manage events, you can use the fun calendar and it gives you various options to manage. Here are the steps to manage this calendar.

  • Click on the ‘Friends and Fun’ calendar and select the month and date for the event.
  • At the top right corner of the date, you can find the option ‘Add’. Use this option to add details in the calendar.
  • You can enter what the event is; you can set the reminder to remind about the event. Various options for recurrence of an event are there in the calendar. Check the option daily, monthly, weekly and yearly.
  • If you want to add more details in the event, like, you are organizing a birth party at your home and want to invite a few of your close friends, then this option is wonderful for you.
  • Click on the option more details. There you will see a description box. In the box, you can write the message you want to share.
  • Click on the save button to freeze the calendar.
  • Now, if you want to share the calendar to invite them in the event you have planned. Click on the event and select the calendar, clicking on the drop down button present in-front of the calendar option. Check the “Fun and Friends” as you have entered the details of the event in this calendar only.
  • Again click on the “Friends and Fun” calendar option to change the page setting.
  • A new page will open with some options. Search the option ‘Sharing’ to start sharing the calendar.
  • Once you will click on the option sharing, a page will open. The page will have some security options for sharing the calendar. If you wish to share the calendar with everyone in your mailing list, you click on the option “Make your calendar public”. Once you will click on this option, your calendar will be shared with everyone in your mailing list.
  • And if you wish to share the calendar only with selected people, select the option ‘Share your calendar privately with friends and family”.
  • In the listed options, check the option “Preview in a web browser”.
  • A link will appear in the description box. Click on the button Ok to share the event with your chosen friends.

This is the way to share “Friends and Fun” calendar. You need to follow the same steps to share other calendars as well.

Manage “My Calendar”

Hotmail gives you many options to manage my calendar as well. With its effective use, you can manage your work more significantly.

Add events and reminders

The “my calendar” in Hotmail ensures effective work management. You can use its features to set reminders for events, registering events and much more. To set reminders, here are the steps.

  • Step 1: Login to your Hotmail account and come to the main page.
  • Step 2: Select the “my calendar” option. Open the calendar and to the month and date, on which you want to add details. Click on the add option to add event details.
  • Step 3: Select the recurrence frequency according to your requirement.
  • Step 4: Hotmail calendar contains calendars of upcoming years as well. So, if you want to add a reminder for something that will occur in years, the option is there. Now, you can use the aforementioned steps to share the calendar with your friends and close group if you wish to do so.

Points to remember

  • The changes require an active hotmail account.
  • You can make changes in Hotmail calendar offline as well, but for sharing internet is required.

How to import contacts in Hotmail from Gmail?

To transfer the contacts from Gmail to Hotmail then you have to first export the contacts from Gmail account to your computer and save that file after that login to your Hotmail account and then import that saved contact file to your Hotmail account for that follow some steps:

  1. First login to your Gmail account by entering your email id and password after login your mailbox will open.
  2. Click on “Gmail” icon on the top left corner you will get a drop down list where you can see the “contacts” option. When you click on the “contacts” your contact list will open.
  3. On the right side under “contacts” section you can see an option of “more” click on it and you will get a drop down list from that click on the “export” item. The dialogue window opens from where you can select whether you want to export specific contacts or group of contacts or you can download all the contacts and save them in a batch file.
  4. In the dialogue window the other option is to “select export format” you can use either of the options as Google CSV, Outlook CSV, vCard.
  5. Choose Outlook CSV and click on the export button for downloading an excel file of contacts and your contact file is saved in your computer.
  6. Check that the download file is saved in the proper format and none of your data is lost.
  7. Now login to your “Hotmail” account by entering your login and password and you directly land in your mailbox.
  8. Now on the bottom left corner you will see the four icons in “image format” named as Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks. Click on “People” image and the new screen opens with the name of contacts.
  9. On the screen you will see three icons search tab, new and manage. Click on the manage menu and a drop down list, open here you will have the options of whether to restore contacts, Import contacts, Export Contacts. Click on “Import Contacts”.
  • A new window opens of “Import Contacts” in which you will ask “where would you like to import from?” and a list of all supported emails like including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Windows Live Mail. Choose Gmail to proceed to the next screen.
  • On this screen it will explain you the step to   “Import the contacts from Gmail” which are already explained in step 1-6.
  • After the steps you will see a “browse” button. Click on the browse button and browse that saved excel file in your computer and select it.
  • When your file gets uploaded the “browse” button change to “upload” button. Click on the “upload” button and your excel file gets uploaded and all the contacts are imported from your Gmail account.
  • You can check all the contacts in “Your Contacts” section and can arrange them either in alphabetically order, first name, last name etc.

Now you can easily access all the Gmail contacts from the Hotmail accounts.

While importing Gmail contacts you may face some issues

Error message

If you import more than 2000 contacts at a time, you will get an error message for this use Excel program to open the CSV file after that separate your files into smaller files and then you can easily import that smaller files.

Contacts get disappear

You have completed your import process, but still no contacts appear in Hotmail then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Locate the CSV file you have downloaded it from your Gmail account the file name is contacts.csv.
  2. Open the CSV file by using MS Excel.
  3. Check whether the information is available in CSV file and if not, then the CSV file you have downloaded is not working properly. So in that case:
    • Delete contacts.csv file.
    • Again, export the contacts and make sure that you have chosen the right group of contacts for export.
    • After the file download opens it with Excel and check if the data is there. And when you close the file prompt window appears with the message “are you sure you want to save it in CSV format”. Always choose “yes” option and if choose “no” all the data will be lost and you have to export the file from Gmail. After that, repeat the same steps for import contact.csv file in hotmail.

Contacts get missed

All the contacts were imported but still some information is missing in CSV file for that simply open the excel file to edit it and add the missing information and also you can replace the information which is not required. Again save the file by choosing the “yes” option and repeat the same steps of the import.

Best apps to sync with Hotmail

Facing trouble in managing two accounts? Merge Gmail with Hotmail.

Do you want to make your Hotmail account more user-friendly? Then here are some of the apps that you can sync with your Hotmail account.

Step by step guide to integrate Gmail with Hotmail account

Prerequisite for merge process

  1. In order to integrate Gmail account with your Hotmail account, you need to have an active Gmail and Hotmail account both.
  2. The second important thing for integrating Gmail with Hotmail is you should have good internet connectivity.
  3. Your laptop/ desktop should be properly charged and ready for you.

Now follow the instructions to integrate Gmail with Hotmail account

  • Step 1

The first step to integrate the Gmail application with Hotmail is you have to login to the Gmail account with your correct login credentials.

  • Step 2

Open the login page of Gmail using the correct URL, the URL for the same is https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox and log into your account.

  • Step 3

Open the setting page Gmail and click on the icon setting present at the top right side of the page. When you will place the cursor on the icon, a drop down list will appear. Scroll down the list and click on the option ‘setting’.

  • Step 4

At the top of the page you can find different options for setting. Here, you have to click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.

  • Step 5

In the category POP download, you can see there are three options for pop settings.

  1. Enable pop for all mail.
  2. Enable pop for Nails that arrives from now on.
  3. Disable pop.

In this step you have to click on the button disabled POP to enable it. Save the changes you have made in your account.

  • Step 6

As you have to sync the Google Gmail account with your Hotmail account, therefore, now log in to your Hotmail account to make necessary changes.

  • Step 7

Open the login page of Hotmail account in your web browser and login to your account using your login credentials.

  • Step 8

Click on the setting button present on the upper right corner of the page. From the drop down list, select the option ‘More Mail Settings”.

  • Step 9

When you will click on the option a new page will open. On this page look for the option “Sending/receiving email from other accounts”.

  • Step 10

A drop down list will open with multiple options; here you need to click on the option “Add an email account”.

  • Step 11

This is the step to add your Gmail account to your Hotmail account.

  • Step 12

A page will open with the blanks asking you to enter your Gmail account address.  If you are using the normal Gmail account, then you have to enter your Gmail ID here. And in the next blank, enter the password of your Gmail account, you use to login to your account.

  • Step 13

If you are Gmail account is not the normal one, you are using Google app instead of Gmail, then here you need to enter your complete user name along with the POP3 username.

  • Step 14

The incoming mail server address for the same would be pop.gmail.com. And the default it would be 995.

  • Step 15

If you have enabled two step verification in your Google account for security and privacy concern, then you have to create an App specific password here.

  • Step 16

Save the changes you have made in the settings in your Hotmail account.

  • Step 17

Sign out your Hotmail account and turn off your system.

  • Step 18

Turn on the system, open your web browser, enter the login URL of admin account and then sign in to your Hotmail.

  • Step 19

Now you can see Gmail inbox in your Hotmail account.

  • Step 20

Following the same process you can merge up to four different Gmail account with your Hotmail. Microsoft allows you to do this. It says that the storage capacity of Hotmail can be increased according to the user’s requirement.

  • Step 21

When Gmail gets merged with your Hotmail account, all folders of Gmail like inbox, sent items, draft, etc. also moves in your Hotmail mail and you can check your Gmail inbox right in the Hotmail mailbox.

  • Step 22

You can check the internet to know how to manage Hotmail account when two or more email accounts are merged with it.

However, before merging the Gmail with your Hotmail account, make sure your PST size is not oversized. The oversized PST often leads to hiccups in the complete merger of two accounts.

How export contacts in Hotmail

Got a new email on Google application and want to export Hotmail contacts to Gmail? Here is the step by step guidance to help you.

  1. First and foremost steps to export contacts from Hotmail account in Gmail account is, turning on the system and log in to your Hotmail account.
  2. After log in to account and landing on the inbox page, check the top bar present over the inbox.
  3. Click On the “Hotmail” or “Outlook” icon, present at the left top of the page.
  4. When you click on the button “Outlook/ Hotmail”, four options will pop-up, Outlook.com, People, Calendar and SkyDrive.
  5. In Hotmail account, all the contacts are saved in the people’s folder. Hotmail saves contact no and email address in this folder only. So, for exporting the contact of Hotmail to Gmail, you have to select the folder “People”.
  6. When you will click on the folder ‘people’, a new page will open. Check the top bar of the page having some options. You will find here the option ‘New’ and ‘Manage’. Click on the option ‘Manage’.
  7. Here, a drop down list will open carrying some options. Scroll down the cursor and find the option ‘export’ in the list. This is the option to ‘export’ your Hotmail contacts to Gmail or any other email application.
  8. A new window will appear asking you to say the “People folder’ on your system at your preferred location. You can rename the folder according to your choice, or you can save it with the default name. When you are saving the file with its default name and at the default location, make sure that you remember the name of the file and the location where it is saved. Nevertheless, it is better to save the file at personal preferred location, even when the file name is not changed. It becomes easier to find the file when it comes to attaching it somewhere or searching it. The default format for contact file of Hotmail would be common separated value file. Once you have saved the contact CSV file. It is the time to move to Gmail.
  9. As we are exporting the Hotmail contacts to Gmail account, now it is time to work on Gmail setting. Open the Gmail account using the login URL, in the same system, in which you have opened the Hotmail account.
  10. On the Gmail inbox page, click on the icon “Gmail”, present at the top left corner of the page.
  11. When you will click on “Gmail”, a drop down list to open with three options Gmail, contacts and task.
  12. Click on the ‘contact’ option and wait for a new page to open. In the new page, check the options present at the top bar. Here you will find the option ‘more’. You will find a drop down list when you will click on the option “More”. Here you need to tap on the option “Import”. Once you click on the option ‘import’, a new screen will open with the message ‘Please select the CSV or vCard file to open” and at the bottom of the message you can find two buttons ‘Choose file’ and ‘No file Chosen’.
  13. Click on the option “Choose file’ and it will ask you to choose the same file you imported from the Hotmail account. Reach at the location where you saved the “People folder’ that is the CSV file of contacts.
  14. Select the file, and then click on the option “Open” present at the bottom of the screen.
  15. Click on the option ‘Import’ present at the bottom of the screen.
  16. When the import process will complete, you will be diverted to the page where you selected the option “More”.
  17. This page will show you all the contacts of your Hotmail account. And this is the method to export the contact of Hotmail to Gmail account successfully.
  18. If you have installed your Gmail account in other devices that you are using, like mobile phone, tablet and laptop, then the contact list will automatically get synch in all the devices. That means you do not have to import contacts of Hotmail in different devices separately.

This is the way to move in Hotmail contacts to Gmail account. In case you need to move your Hotmail contacts to some other email application, then for export of contacts from Hotmail, the steps will remain the same.

The step of importing contacts in the application may differ from Gmail. So, for that you can take the help of the internet to know the process of importing contacts.