How to organize the settings of Hotmail accounts?

Want to know how to make changes in your Hotmail account and wants to know how to make changes in your on Hotmail new mail composing page? Well, here is a step-by-step guidance.

To make changes in your Hotmail account for anything like, activating the auto reply, importing contacts, exporting contacts from different email application to Hotmail, or adding signature in your account. You need to work on the setting page of Hotmail.

  • Step 1

Open your Hotmail account using the correct URL and log into your account is login credential that is your username and password.

  • Step 2

Now, when you are inside your Hotmail account and ready to make changes in the setting page or make it more organized. So, to start the process, click on the option gear icon, present at the right top of the page.

  • Step 3

When you will click on that and you will get a drop down list. Tab on the option ‘Options”. And when you will click on the option button a new page drop down list will open. Here you need to click on “more options” button

  • Step 4

When you will tap on “more options”, a new screen will open with various categories of setting option. This includes managing account, writing email, reading email, preventing junk email, customizing hotmail and customizing your contacts.

  • Step 5

In the manage account category, you will get options of Passport settings of your account, Settings for sending or receiving of emails from another account, and deleting downloaded messages. You can use the ‘Passport settings for your account’ option to create a new password for your account. To create new password, when you will tap on the option, a screen will open with instructions. These instructions remain easy to understand and order. So, by following the instructions, you would be able to change the password of your account if you have forgotten, also you can change the password of your account to make it.

  • Step 6

In the same category, that is ‘manage account’; the second option you can see is sending and receiving emails from other accounts. This option, you can use to allow or restrict any account to receive email. If you block a sender using this option, then the sender whom you have blocked would never be able to send ema0il to you. The option of spam filter is also present in the same setting category.

  • Step 7

You need to use the same setting category for the vacation auto reply, email forwarding and POP and deleting download messages as well.

  • Step 8

The next category in the setting page is ‘writing email’. In this category, the setting options you can check are message font signature. This is the settings space for creating a personal default signature, for managing the font size of the text, and also to add something in existing signature. The second setting option in this category are, reply to address, saving the sent message, send message confirmation and attachment. With their name, you can understand what their role the setting options would be playing on the Hotmail account. However, to get complete detail about each option, you can click on the option and check the instructions.

  • Step 9

The next category in the setting page of Hotmail account is reading email. This option allows you to make changes in the pane where you read the outlook messages. Various settings that could be done in this setting category include changing the setting of reading pane, active view settings, conversation and faster reading of mails, Mobile alerts for new messages.

  • Step 10

Preventing junk email is the next category of setting option, to allow or disallow the sender to send you emails. This also restricts the spam mails.

  • Step 11

This is the most important category of setting in Hotmail account as this allows the customization of Hotmail. In this category you can find many options that are very much useful for the safety and privacy of account. The options include, advanced privacy settings, themes, and shortcuts of keyboard, various rules for sorting new messages landed in the inbox, flagging and instant action. Options present in this setting category, has much relevance and used by users to make necessary changes in the layout of Hotmail account.

  • Step 12

The last setting option on the setting page of Hotmail is customizing contacts. Various options present in this setting category includes sorting your contact list, importing contacts from another email account to Hotmail and exporting contacts from Hotmail to other email accounts. With the name of the options itself, you would have understood what role these options must be playing in making the Hotmail a more user friendly application.

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