How To Manage Add-Ins In Hotmail Account?

Hotmail gives you many features it also has a feature of add-ins. If you want to know how to add Add-ins in your account and how to manage it, here is the step by step guide. There are two versions of Hotmail one is classic Outlook and other is Outlook beta.

How to add “Add-Ins” in your classic Outlook mailbox step by step

  1. First open your Hotmail account by signing in to your account. For that, enter the correct login Hotmail URL in your web browser and get login to your account.
  2. After login, you can see lots of icons and options are there in your mail account. For managing add-ins go to the upper right corner where you will see the “setting” icon.
  3. Click on the setting icon and a drop down list appear. In the drop down list, click on the “manage add-ins” button.
  4. After clicking on “manage add-ins” button a new window will open where you can see the list of add-ins.
  5. In the left corner you will see two options “all” and “my add-ins”. In “All” tab you can see all the add-ins which are available in your Hotmail account and in “My add-ins” tab you can see the add-ins which you already installed and have in your mailbox. If you have not installed any add-in so far, this will remain blank.
  6. To add add-in, there are two methods present. First, you can search the add-in manually and second, you can use the tab “Search” present on the page.
  7. In addition to that, you also have an option of “sort by” of add-ins on the basis of name and rating. If you select the option of “rating” then the add-ins which have more stars will appear on the top and if you select the option of “name” then the add-ins will automatically arrange in alphabetically order.
  8. If you add free “add-ins” then simply select the add-in. And, suppose you selected “Boomerang” then click on add icon the add-in will automatically add in your account. You can check the result of your action under the tab “My add-ins” the “boomerang” add-in to add in your mailbox.
  9. You can also add “custom add-in” by clicking on the drop down where it has two options of adding from URL and adding from file.
  • There are some add-ins which are not free and if you still want to add them, then simply click on the “get it” icon. Once you will click on the option, a new window will appear. Here, you can see two tabs “free trial” and “get it now”. When you will click on any of this option, a new window will open asking you to enter your login credentials. Enter your mail id and sign in to the account. With this you can get paid “add-in”.
  • After adding required add-in to your account, close the add-ins page. Now, click on the compose button to compose a new mail. Your mailbox will open it will show you all add-ins that you have added. They are now available in your mail box in the bottom right corner. You can use these add-ins in your mailbox while writing the mail.
  • In case you want to remove some add-in from the mailbox, then it is also a simple process.
  • Follow the same step to get the page, which you used to add add-in.
  • Click on the add-in you want to remove. Use the remove icon, present there to remove it or right click your cursor to get the option.
  • Save the changes once the unwanted add-in is removed.

Manage “Add-Ins” in Outlook Beta version step by step

  1. For that first use the toggle control to on the “try the beta” option. Your mailbox is open in beta version.
  2. Now you have to click on “new message” for composing a mail. Your mailbox opens.
  3. Now click on the drop down list available in your bottom right corner. The drop down list opens and click on “get add-ins” option. A new window will appear where you can see the lots of options of add-ins.
  4. Now for selecting and adding the add-ins, the step will be same as it is for classic outlook.
  5. If you want to remove the plug in, from your mail box, then simply click on the drop down list in your mailbox from there go to “get add-ins” the window will open. Click on “my add-ins” tab the list of installed add-ins are visible. For e.g.: Suppose you want to remove “emoji” add-in, and then click on three dots next to added option. A drop down list will open showing the option “remove” the add-in. Click on the same to remove it.

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