How to import contacts in Hotmail from Gmail?

To transfer the contacts from Gmail to Hotmail then you have to first export the contacts from Gmail account to your computer and save that file after that login to your Hotmail account and then import that saved contact file to your Hotmail account for that follow some steps:

  1. First login to your Gmail account by entering your email id and password after login your mailbox will open.
  2. Click on “Gmail” icon on the top left corner you will get a drop down list where you can see the “contacts” option. When you click on the “contacts” your contact list will open.
  3. On the right side under “contacts” section you can see an option of “more” click on it and you will get a drop down list from that click on the “export” item. The dialogue window opens from where you can select whether you want to export specific contacts or group of contacts or you can download all the contacts and save them in a batch file.
  4. In the dialogue window the other option is to “select export format” you can use either of the options as Google CSV, Outlook CSV, vCard.
  5. Choose Outlook CSV and click on the export button for downloading an excel file of contacts and your contact file is saved in your computer.
  6. Check that the download file is saved in the proper format and none of your data is lost.
  7. Now login to your “Hotmail” account by entering your login and password and you directly land in your mailbox.
  8. Now on the bottom left corner you will see the four icons in “image format” named as Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks. Click on “People” image and the new screen opens with the name of contacts.
  9. On the screen you will see three icons search tab, new and manage. Click on the manage menu and a drop down list, open here you will have the options of whether to restore contacts, Import contacts, Export Contacts. Click on “Import Contacts”.
  • A new window opens of “Import Contacts” in which you will ask “where would you like to import from?” and a list of all supported emails like including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Windows Live Mail. Choose Gmail to proceed to the next screen.
  • On this screen it will explain you the step to   “Import the contacts from Gmail” which are already explained in step 1-6.
  • After the steps you will see a “browse” button. Click on the browse button and browse that saved excel file in your computer and select it.
  • When your file gets uploaded the “browse” button change to “upload” button. Click on the “upload” button and your excel file gets uploaded and all the contacts are imported from your Gmail account.
  • You can check all the contacts in “Your Contacts” section and can arrange them either in alphabetically order, first name, last name etc.

Now you can easily access all the Gmail contacts from the Hotmail accounts.

While importing Gmail contacts you may face some issues

Error message

If you import more than 2000 contacts at a time, you will get an error message for this use Excel program to open the CSV file after that separate your files into smaller files and then you can easily import that smaller files.

Contacts get disappear

You have completed your import process, but still no contacts appear in Hotmail then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Locate the CSV file you have downloaded it from your Gmail account the file name is contacts.csv.
  2. Open the CSV file by using MS Excel.
  3. Check whether the information is available in CSV file and if not, then the CSV file you have downloaded is not working properly. So in that case:
    • Delete contacts.csv file.
    • Again, export the contacts and make sure that you have chosen the right group of contacts for export.
    • After the file download opens it with Excel and check if the data is there. And when you close the file prompt window appears with the message “are you sure you want to save it in CSV format”. Always choose “yes” option and if choose “no” all the data will be lost and you have to export the file from Gmail. After that, repeat the same steps for import contact.csv file in hotmail.

Contacts get missed

All the contacts were imported but still some information is missing in CSV file for that simply open the excel file to edit it and add the missing information and also you can replace the information which is not required. Again save the file by choosing the “yes” option and repeat the same steps of the import.

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