How to connect Hotmail with DropBox?

Hotmail email account has many features that make it the most wanted Email application worldwide, and one of the features is that it can be synced with Dropbox. Here is the step by step guide how you can connect your Hotmail account with Dropbox.

  1. To connect your account with Dropbox, the first and the primary the step you have to take is, sign-in to your Hotmail account. For this, and click on the option login after the opening the Hotmail landing page. If you do not have an email account on Hotmail, you have to create it.   You have to use the same login credential to login to your Hotmail account.
  2. Once you are login to your Hotmail account, all the icons will get activated. In order to sync your Hotmail with Dropbox go to the option “setting”.
  3. Click on the icon. The option you can find at upper right corner of the page. And from the dropdown tap on “Option” button.
  4. List of options will get open reflecting the drop down menu. Here, you have to click on the option “Mail” and then “storage account”, you will find this option under the category “Attachment options”.
  5. In the option ‘storage account’, you will find a list of storage services that Hotmail allows you to do. The options could be One drive personal, Add drop box, Add Facebook, add Google Drive. Because, we want to connect Dropbox, therefore we will  select the option “Add drop box”.
  6. After clicking on the option “Add drop box”, a new window will pop up with the message “Outlook on the web would like access to the file and the folder in your Dropbox”. Navigate to option present under it ‘Cancel’ and ‘Allow’. This is the final step of connecting the Hotmail with Dropbox.
  7. Click on the button “Allow” and then wait for the new window to get open.
  8. A new window will open with the Dropbox option present at the top of your Hotmail account page. This is the same storage account page where you find the attachment option to sync your Hotmail with Dropbox.
  9. If you follow the aforementioned steps properly, the Dropbox will get connected with your Hotmail account and you would be able to start using the Dropbox service within your Hotmail account.

Points to remember before initiating the Sync process

  1. You should have an uninterrupted internet connection.
  2. You should have an active Hotmail account.
  3. You should have an active Dropbox account.

In case you do not have a Hotmail account, then here is the process to create a new Hotmail account:

  • Open the website of Microsoft in your browser. The URL for the same is
  • You will get here two options ‘ login” and ‘sign up/ create account’.
  • Click the option “create account”.
  • A new page will open that will ask for your details like your name, contact number, location, etc. The same page will give you the options of creating a unique email account along with its password as well.
  • Once the form is filled and submitted successfully, the email account on Hotmail is created. Your account will be verified by Outlook before confirming your email account.
  • Once your email account is ready, you can log in to that account and follow the aforementioned steps to connect your Hotmail account with the Dropbox.

However, it is also important that you also have an active Dropbox account. If you do not own a Dropbox account, then you have to create one.

Steps to create Dropbox account

Create a Dropbox account and add all your files in it, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open the Dropbox application in your browser.
  2. When you do not have your personalized Dropbox account, then you will be prompted with the option “create account”.
  3. Click on the option to start the process. Once you will click on the option a new window will open with a form to fill.
  4. Enter your name and your email address along with the new password.
  5. Your email address would be the username for Dropbox account, and you need to create a unique password for this account.
  6. Click on the option submit and now your Dropbox account is ready to use.

When you connect your Hotmail account with Dropbox, it allows you to share files and documents. The benefit of keeping the file, documents and other data in Dropbox is that you get access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Points to remember

While creating the account on Dropbox as well as on Hotmail, you need to make sure that you are using the correct URL and you have good internet connectivity. This will ensure hassle free account creation.

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