How to activate auto-reply in Hotmail account?

The auto reply feature of Hotmail is very interesting and useful when you are on leave and want to inform people sending mail to you that you are unavailable. Check here the easy guide how to activate the auto-reply feature of Hotmail.

  • Step 1

To active the auto reply feature in your Hotmail account is login to your account using the right URL.

  • Step 2

Get onto the inbox page after login to the Hotmail account using your correct login credential that is your user id and password.

  • Step 3

When you are in your inbox page, Check the right top of your page and locate the icon ‘option’.

  • Step 4

There you will find the option “more options”. If you are unable to locate it at the first attempt, scroll down your cursor and check.

  • Step 5

When you will tap the option “more option”, a new page will open with various categories, here you need to tap on the category “Manage your account’.

  • Step 6

In this category, look for the option “Send automated vacation replies”. This is the default reply present in the Hotmail setting page. You can use it whenever you are not available to reply the received messages.

  • Step 7

Click on the “Send automated vacation replies” option, and then a new page will open.

  • Step 8

When you will click on this option again a new screen will option, giving you two options to set.

  1. Don’t send any vacation reply.
  2. Send vacation replies to people who email me.
  • Step 9

Your default setting would be don’t send any vacation reply. So, here you need to change it to “Send vacation replies to people who email me”.

  • Step 10

When you will click on the second option, a mail page will open. Here, you can draft the message that you want to leave to people who send you email.

“Unfortunately, Hotmail does not let users to change the subject line of the auto-reply message. The auto-reply of Hotmail delivers mail to the sender’s mail with the subject line “Vacation Reply”. So, even if someone is sick and had to select the auto-reply feature of Hotmail, his auto-reply mail receiver will get the mail with the subject line “Vacation Reply”. People who use Hotmail application and have used this feature are aware of this. But, for people who are new to this, may feel this annoying.

Therefore, Hotmail gives mail draft option to users, in case they want to something about their absence in the office.

  • Step 11

When you have drafted the messages, click on the option save to save and at the bottom of the mailbox, there is a check box present, which you need to check in.

  • Step 12

The check in box contains the message “only reply to your contacts”. When you check in this box, you ensure that, your vacation message will be sent to the people who are in your contact list. Otherwise, the Hotmail will start sending the auto reply messages to everyone who sent mail to them. This will increase the chances of replying to spam mail, which will further increase the spam mail incoming in your account.

  • Step 13

Now, click on the save button present at the bottom of the draft box. This will save the changes made.

  • Step 14

Land on the inbox page and log off from your account.

  • Step 15

Turn off your system and wait for a few seconds.

  • Step 16

Turn on your system and open your Hotmail account. To check if you have activated the auto-reply feature properly, send a mail to your Hotmail ID from your alternate email, which is there in Hotmail contact list. Or ask a friend to send mail to your Hotmail account, who used to send you mail regularly.

How to remove auto reply?

Once you have rejoined the office, do not forget to remove the Auto reply. To remove auto-reply, you have to follow the same path; you followed to activate auto-reply. The difference here will be you need to click on the option “Don’t send any vacation reply” and save the changes.

The best part about the Hotmail auto reply is that, it sends the auto reply to the sender only once in a day, no matter how many times, the sender sends messages in our inbox.

Important points to remember when you are activating the auto reply

  • Keep your system properly charged as it should not get turned off in between.
  • Your internet connectivity should remain proper when you are activating the feature.
  • Activate an auto-reply only when you are from the office, or it will start sending the vacation email, even when you are there in the office and working.

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