Hotmail email vs Gmail account

The Hotmail vs Gmail are two popular email applications used worldwide. Hotmail is the email application of Microsoft, while Gmail is the application of Google. Both the application has their own pros and cons, let’s have a quick comparison of both in terms of usage

  • Accessibility

Gmail is the email application of Google, and all the data of Gmail are stored over the cloud. Therefore, the users of Gmail are able to access their account anytime, anywhere when there is internet connectivity available. To access the Gmail account, all that users require is the internet connectivity, a device to access account, user id and password. The account can be logged in on any device, no matter whether the Gmail is installed in it or not.

Talk about the Hotmail email application, then the Hotmail data is stored on the server locally, when exchange server is used and on the cloud as well. If the data is stored on the server, then to access the account, the user has to get connected with the server. Here also user has to have a device to access Hotmail including user ID and password.

  • Space

Gmail being the Google email application gives 15 GB email storage when it is connected with the Google drive. On the Other hand, Hotmail offer unlimited email storage facility to their users.

  • Safety and privacy

As far as the safety and privacy is concerned, Hotmail is more secure than Gmail. There are many security options present in Hotmail Email application that can be managed to make the account resistance to hacking and other kind of threat.  Google has also added many safety and security features in Gmail application to make it secure and keep the privacy of our users can disturb, still it has to take a long way to beat Hotmail in terms of privacy features.

  • User-friendly

The Hotmail application is more work friendly in comparing to Gmail. The email application is integrated with numbers of features that can be used to manage work effectively. For example, Hotmail has three types of calendars integrated in it that is my calendar, fun and friends’ calendar, birthday calendar. All three calendars can be used separately by the users to manage their appointment and events.

The calendar feature is available in Gmail as well, but it is not as defined as it is in Hotmail account. Hotmail also offers the facility of sharing the calendar with friends and contact, and Gmail lacks this facility.

  • MS Office Suite accessibility

Hotmail is the email application of Microsoft, while Gmail is the application of Google. Thus, Hotmail allows users to integrate the email application with other MS office suites. On the other hand, Gmail is the Google application, thus, it does not allow integration of MS Office with it. However, Google has its own suits for the words which are quite similar to MS Office Suite in terms of function.

  • Spam

In Gmail account people receives more spam mails, then Hotmail. This is because, it is said that Gmail scan the email of users to understand their interest and requirement and accordingly send advertisement mails to them. Hotmail does not have any such provision in it. And therefore, it does not disturb the privacy of users and also protect the account from junk and spam mails.

  • Chat option

Gmail has the chat window with the names Hangout, which integrates with the mail. Once the user is login to the Gmail account automatically gets login to Hangout account as well, if he/she has activated that. For chat related requirement, Hotmail users have to take the help of the Skype application. For placing a video call as well Hotmail users are dependent on Skype, on the other hand Hangout application allows users to make calls directly from the Gmail.

  • Email for work

Though, people are using Gmail application for work as well, but Gmail has exclusive business Email application for work-related requirement. This is paid service of Gmail and to know more about it one can get in touch with the support team of Google. On the other hand, Hotmail is a business oriented email application and thus, it has all the features that make work management easeful.

  • Languages used

Being the old Email application, Hotmail is available in 106 International languages, while Gmail is available in 72 International languages. This makes Hotmail more popular amongst the users worldwide in comparing to Gmail.

  • Users number

Though Hotmail has more features than Gmail, still its popularity is behind Gmail. According to latest data Gmail has nearly 430 million users and Hotmail has 425 Millions.

  • New features

Hotmail Email application has now been taken over by the Outlook Email application, which is also the part of MS Suite, and thus Microsoft is not focusing much on Hotmail now. On the other hand, Google is trying to add more features in Gmail to make it more user friendly and work oriented.

Hotmail mail vs new Outlook

Hotmail and Outlook email first two different applications you back with different capabilities and functionality. But now, Microsoft has merged Outlook and Hotmail application as has created advanced Outlook name for users. However the lovers of Hotmail are still there, and even after availability of Outlook, they are sticking to hotmail Email application and will continue to do so.

Thus, here we are sharing a detail comparison between Hotmail and New Outlook that will help you in choosing the right Email application for you. We are comparing Hotmail and Outlook 2016, the latest version of Outlook On the basis of appearance, Security, storage and work management efficiency.

  • Appearance

“The email account ending with the domain,,,, are all work under the banner of As Outlook has merged all these email applications with it. In the coming time, will make changes in the appearance of this email application as a part of the upgrade process. It will add, a new look to the application and will also enhance its performance, reliability and security.

As far as the Hotmail is concerned, because Outlook has merged Hotmail with it, Microsoft gives no more attention to Hotmail in upgrading it.

In terms of appearance, the Outlook 2016 has been designed to look aesthetically more pleasing and cleaner than its previous version. So, in the coming day, Outlook is going to have more appealing look than Hotmail.

  • Work Management

For work management, both Outlook and Hotmail email applications have almost similar features. With Outlook you get options to create folders and sub-folders to save emails of different categories and make the inbox more organized. Outlook also has advanced filter options to fasten up the search process within the inbox.  Microsoft is in the process of adding many more new features to make Outlook more organized Email application. The options for personalization of account are also added in Outlook. Though, Hotmail also has these features, but because of being outdated application, it lacks all new features.

  • Storage

To ensure users of Outlook never run out of storage space, Microsoft has set you up Outlook with 1TB of storage from the beginning. With the 1TB data storage space, users will be able to save as much data as they want on the platform. It is way much more than what Hotmail offer to their users.

Want to know exactly how much space the 1 terabyte space is? Here is the detail

  • With 1 TB data, you could save 85,899,345pages of Word documents.
  • You are allowed to save nearly 200,000
  • You can save around 250
  • Nearly 310,000

Even the professional’s account holders would not be able cover all space when the Email account is used for a large period of time. Therefore, with new Outlook version, user gets unlimited storage capacity. The biggest advantage is that, it can be upgraded to higher version easily.

The Outlook also offers enough storage capacity for attachment as well. Outlook allows user to send attachments of around 100 MB, on the other hand different email applications including Hotmail alone maximum of 25 MB attachment to be sent with the email.

  • Security

Outlook is much more secure email application in comparing to Hotmail and this is because Microsoft is continuously upgrading it to make it more secure and does not breach the privacy of users. The multilevel authentication process, email encryption and advanced file, Visio document rights management, password protection of account makes Outlook more secure than any other email application. However, when it is compared to Hotmail, than Hotmail too has almost all security features that outlook has, except a few, but all security features are not as advance it is in Outlook new version. The special admin prowess enables the admin to detect crucial and sensitive data that make the Outlook 2016 email application the most secured one.

In its security features, Outlook also has ability to create documents with self-protection ability with the Enterprise Mobility Suite rights management. Another new security feature in Outlook is that it links to attachments can be shared in the place of files, which makes the information exchange in Outlook more secure.

Microsoft is continuously trying to improve Outlook Email application and make it the leader in world. It is doing so, by upgrading the existing features of Outlook and also adding new according to the changing requirement of users. As far as the Hotmail is concerned, though it has numbers of users even at the present time, but Microsoft is not focusing much on the upgradation of Hotmail application as it has been almost with output. So when a comparison is done between new Outlook and Hotmail, then the clear winner is New Outlook.

How to connect Hotmail with DropBox?

Hotmail email account has many features that make it the most wanted Email application worldwide, and one of the features is that it can be synced with Dropbox. Here is the step by step guide how you can connect your Hotmail account with Dropbox.

  1. To connect your account with Dropbox, the first and the primary the step you have to take is, sign-in to your Hotmail account. For this, and click on the option login after the opening the Hotmail landing page. If you do not have an email account on Hotmail, you have to create it.   You have to use the same login credential to login to your Hotmail account.
  2. Once you are login to your Hotmail account, all the icons will get activated. In order to sync your Hotmail with Dropbox go to the option “setting”.
  3. Click on the icon. The option you can find at upper right corner of the page. And from the dropdown tap on “Option” button.
  4. List of options will get open reflecting the drop down menu. Here, you have to click on the option “Mail” and then “storage account”, you will find this option under the category “Attachment options”.
  5. In the option ‘storage account’, you will find a list of storage services that Hotmail allows you to do. The options could be One drive personal, Add drop box, Add Facebook, add Google Drive. Because, we want to connect Dropbox, therefore we will  select the option “Add drop box”.
  6. After clicking on the option “Add drop box”, a new window will pop up with the message “Outlook on the web would like access to the file and the folder in your Dropbox”. Navigate to option present under it ‘Cancel’ and ‘Allow’. This is the final step of connecting the Hotmail with Dropbox.
  7. Click on the button “Allow” and then wait for the new window to get open.
  8. A new window will open with the Dropbox option present at the top of your Hotmail account page. This is the same storage account page where you find the attachment option to sync your Hotmail with Dropbox.
  9. If you follow the aforementioned steps properly, the Dropbox will get connected with your Hotmail account and you would be able to start using the Dropbox service within your Hotmail account.

Points to remember before initiating the Sync process

  1. You should have an uninterrupted internet connection.
  2. You should have an active Hotmail account.
  3. You should have an active Dropbox account.

In case you do not have a Hotmail account, then here is the process to create a new Hotmail account:

  • Open the website of Microsoft in your browser. The URL for the same is
  • You will get here two options ‘ login” and ‘sign up/ create account’.
  • Click the option “create account”.
  • A new page will open that will ask for your details like your name, contact number, location, etc. The same page will give you the options of creating a unique email account along with its password as well.
  • Once the form is filled and submitted successfully, the email account on Hotmail is created. Your account will be verified by Outlook before confirming your email account.
  • Once your email account is ready, you can log in to that account and follow the aforementioned steps to connect your Hotmail account with the Dropbox.

However, it is also important that you also have an active Dropbox account. If you do not own a Dropbox account, then you have to create one.

Steps to create Dropbox account

Create a Dropbox account and add all your files in it, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open the Dropbox application in your browser.
  2. When you do not have your personalized Dropbox account, then you will be prompted with the option “create account”.
  3. Click on the option to start the process. Once you will click on the option a new window will open with a form to fill.
  4. Enter your name and your email address along with the new password.
  5. Your email address would be the username for Dropbox account, and you need to create a unique password for this account.
  6. Click on the option submit and now your Dropbox account is ready to use.

When you connect your Hotmail account with Dropbox, it allows you to share files and documents. The benefit of keeping the file, documents and other data in Dropbox is that you get access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Points to remember

While creating the account on Dropbox as well as on Hotmail, you need to make sure that you are using the correct URL and you have good internet connectivity. This will ensure hassle free account creation.

How To Manage Add-Ins In Hotmail Account?

Hotmail gives you many features it also has a feature of add-ins. If you want to know how to add Add-ins in your account and how to manage it, here is the step by step guide. There are two versions of Hotmail one is classic Outlook and other is Outlook beta.

How to add “Add-Ins” in your classic Outlook mailbox step by step

  1. First open your Hotmail account by signing in to your account. For that, enter the correct login Hotmail URL in your web browser and get login to your account.
  2. After login, you can see lots of icons and options are there in your mail account. For managing add-ins go to the upper right corner where you will see the “setting” icon.
  3. Click on the setting icon and a drop down list appear. In the drop down list, click on the “manage add-ins” button.
  4. After clicking on “manage add-ins” button a new window will open where you can see the list of add-ins.
  5. In the left corner you will see two options “all” and “my add-ins”. In “All” tab you can see all the add-ins which are available in your Hotmail account and in “My add-ins” tab you can see the add-ins which you already installed and have in your mailbox. If you have not installed any add-in so far, this will remain blank.
  6. To add add-in, there are two methods present. First, you can search the add-in manually and second, you can use the tab “Search” present on the page.
  7. In addition to that, you also have an option of “sort by” of add-ins on the basis of name and rating. If you select the option of “rating” then the add-ins which have more stars will appear on the top and if you select the option of “name” then the add-ins will automatically arrange in alphabetically order.
  8. If you add free “add-ins” then simply select the add-in. And, suppose you selected “Boomerang” then click on add icon the add-in will automatically add in your account. You can check the result of your action under the tab “My add-ins” the “boomerang” add-in to add in your mailbox.
  9. You can also add “custom add-in” by clicking on the drop down where it has two options of adding from URL and adding from file.
  • There are some add-ins which are not free and if you still want to add them, then simply click on the “get it” icon. Once you will click on the option, a new window will appear. Here, you can see two tabs “free trial” and “get it now”. When you will click on any of this option, a new window will open asking you to enter your login credentials. Enter your mail id and sign in to the account. With this you can get paid “add-in”.
  • After adding required add-in to your account, close the add-ins page. Now, click on the compose button to compose a new mail. Your mailbox will open it will show you all add-ins that you have added. They are now available in your mail box in the bottom right corner. You can use these add-ins in your mailbox while writing the mail.
  • In case you want to remove some add-in from the mailbox, then it is also a simple process.
  • Follow the same step to get the page, which you used to add add-in.
  • Click on the add-in you want to remove. Use the remove icon, present there to remove it or right click your cursor to get the option.
  • Save the changes once the unwanted add-in is removed.

Manage “Add-Ins” in Outlook Beta version step by step

  1. For that first use the toggle control to on the “try the beta” option. Your mailbox is open in beta version.
  2. Now you have to click on “new message” for composing a mail. Your mailbox opens.
  3. Now click on the drop down list available in your bottom right corner. The drop down list opens and click on “get add-ins” option. A new window will appear where you can see the lots of options of add-ins.
  4. Now for selecting and adding the add-ins, the step will be same as it is for classic outlook.
  5. If you want to remove the plug in, from your mail box, then simply click on the drop down list in your mailbox from there go to “get add-ins” the window will open. Click on “my add-ins” tab the list of installed add-ins are visible. For e.g.: Suppose you want to remove “emoji” add-in, and then click on three dots next to added option. A drop down list will open showing the option “remove” the add-in. Click on the same to remove it.

How to organize the settings of Hotmail accounts?

Want to know how to make changes in your Hotmail account and wants to know how to make changes in your on Hotmail new mail composing page? Well, here is a step-by-step guidance.

To make changes in your Hotmail account for anything like, activating the auto reply, importing contacts, exporting contacts from different email application to Hotmail, or adding signature in your account. You need to work on the setting page of Hotmail.

  • Step 1

Open your Hotmail account using the correct URL and log into your account is login credential that is your username and password.

  • Step 2

Now, when you are inside your Hotmail account and ready to make changes in the setting page or make it more organized. So, to start the process, click on the option gear icon, present at the right top of the page.

  • Step 3

When you will click on that and you will get a drop down list. Tab on the option ‘Options”. And when you will click on the option button a new page drop down list will open. Here you need to click on “more options” button

  • Step 4

When you will tap on “more options”, a new screen will open with various categories of setting option. This includes managing account, writing email, reading email, preventing junk email, customizing hotmail and customizing your contacts.

  • Step 5

In the manage account category, you will get options of Passport settings of your account, Settings for sending or receiving of emails from another account, and deleting downloaded messages. You can use the ‘Passport settings for your account’ option to create a new password for your account. To create new password, when you will tap on the option, a screen will open with instructions. These instructions remain easy to understand and order. So, by following the instructions, you would be able to change the password of your account if you have forgotten, also you can change the password of your account to make it.

  • Step 6

In the same category, that is ‘manage account’; the second option you can see is sending and receiving emails from other accounts. This option, you can use to allow or restrict any account to receive email. If you block a sender using this option, then the sender whom you have blocked would never be able to send ema0il to you. The option of spam filter is also present in the same setting category.

  • Step 7

You need to use the same setting category for the vacation auto reply, email forwarding and POP and deleting download messages as well.

  • Step 8

The next category in the setting page is ‘writing email’. In this category, the setting options you can check are message font signature. This is the settings space for creating a personal default signature, for managing the font size of the text, and also to add something in existing signature. The second setting option in this category are, reply to address, saving the sent message, send message confirmation and attachment. With their name, you can understand what their role the setting options would be playing on the Hotmail account. However, to get complete detail about each option, you can click on the option and check the instructions.

  • Step 9

The next category in the setting page of Hotmail account is reading email. This option allows you to make changes in the pane where you read the outlook messages. Various settings that could be done in this setting category include changing the setting of reading pane, active view settings, conversation and faster reading of mails, Mobile alerts for new messages.

  • Step 10

Preventing junk email is the next category of setting option, to allow or disallow the sender to send you emails. This also restricts the spam mails.

  • Step 11

This is the most important category of setting in Hotmail account as this allows the customization of Hotmail. In this category you can find many options that are very much useful for the safety and privacy of account. The options include, advanced privacy settings, themes, and shortcuts of keyboard, various rules for sorting new messages landed in the inbox, flagging and instant action. Options present in this setting category, has much relevance and used by users to make necessary changes in the layout of Hotmail account.

  • Step 12

The last setting option on the setting page of Hotmail is customizing contacts. Various options present in this setting category includes sorting your contact list, importing contacts from another email account to Hotmail and exporting contacts from Hotmail to other email accounts. With the name of the options itself, you would have understood what role these options must be playing in making the Hotmail a more user friendly application.

Manage your inbox privacy Hotmail with these steps

Want to know how you can manage your Hotmail privacy? Here are some guidelines that can help you. There are many changes you can do to make your Hotmail account secure or to increase the privacy of your account such as:

Save and block sender

This option gives you to the freedom, who can and who cannot contact you. To activate this option, here are the steps.

  1. Open the Hotmail landing page using the URL
  2. Click on the option login. After this enter your email address followed by the password.
  3. Go to the setting option present on the top right side of the page.
  4. In the drop down list, select the option “More mail setting”.
  5. Once you will click the option, a huge drop down list will option with various security and privacy options.
  6. Hover for the category “Preventing Junk email”. And check the option “Safe and block sender”.
  7. Click on the “Safe and block sender” option to check more filters.
  8. You will get three drop down here, safe sender, safe mailing list, block sender. The first two options are for creating a safe list. And the third option is for restricting the unwanted sender.
  9. Click on the block sender option to blocker those senders from whom you do not want to receive emails.
  • A new page will open with a blank to enter the emails whom you want to block. On the right side of the page, you can also find a button “Add to list”.
  • Click on the button to add multiple email addresses.
  • Meanwhile, by mistake if you add some genuine email ID in the block list, the option ‘remove from the list’ can be used to unblock the user.
  • There is an advance privacy option present in Outlook, which you can use to auto suggest the email, which you want to enter in the block list.

Password security

The password of email account is very important to ensure the security and privacy of account. Therefore, you should change your account password regularly. Here is the step by step guide to change the account password.

The first method to change the account password

  1. After opening the hotmail login page, click on the option “forget password”, which you can find at the bottom of password column.
  2. The Hotmail will ask you the way to receive your lost email password, either on registered email or registered phone number.
  3. The Hotmail email account is your primary account, then chose the option, recovery of password through contact number. And, in case you know your registered email address and it is still active, chose the first option.
  4. The hotmail will send a password regeneration link on your registered mail ID.
  5. Click on the link and create a new password for the account.
  6. Use the same password to login to your account.
  7. In case you are using your registered number to retrieve new password, you will receive a code for password change on your number.
  8. Enter the code in the blank and then you will be taken to a new page to create a fresh password for your account.

The second method to change the account password

  1. The second method to change password is the method you should use to keep updating your password. It is simple and less time taking.
  2. Login to your Hotmail account, using your login credential.
  3. Go to the option “WebPro Education” present at the top right side of the page and in the appeared drop click on the option “Account setting”.
  4. Check the left hand side of the page and click on the option “Security and password”.
  5. A new page will open asking for the verification of the user.
  6. If you have registered your alternate email address with Hotmail, then click on the option email and enter your complete email address at the bottom bar.
  7. Hotmail will send a verification code in your registered email.
  8. Open the alternate email and copy the verification code from there.
  9. Meanwhile, a new page will open at Hotmail asking you to enter the verification code.
  • Once you will enter the code, the option “change password” will appear in the drop down.
  • Click on the option change password and create a new password for your account.

In case you have registered the mobile number or your registered mail Id is not working any more

  1. Then you need at the place where you selected the email ID, you need to select the second option i.e. “I don’t have these anymore”.
  2. The hotmail will ask you to enter your contact number you registered. It will send the verification code in your phone number via SMS.
  3. Enter the verification code and the page will open with the option “Change password”. Use it to change the password.

Easy steps to create signature for the Hotmail account

We want to add signature in Hotmail account, to give your email a touch of personalization. Here is the step by step guidance to add signature in your email.

  • Step 1

Open your Hotmail login page by entering the correct URL in your web browser.

  • Step 2

Login to your Hotmail account using your login credential and password.

  • Step 3

Find the option button present on the inbox page. Find the option button at the right side of the page.

  • Step 4

When you click on the button “Option”, a drop down list will open with many other options, here you need to click on “More options”. This will open your Hotmail account setting page.

  • Step 5

On this page you will find the different section, with different setting options.

  • Step 6

To reach at signature settings option, you need to click on the section “Writing email” and then on the option present in the same section “Message font and signature”.

  • Step 7

Hover for the option “Personal signature’ at this page, as this is the page, where you need to add signature in your account.

  • Step 8

Hotmail will show you different options for creating the signature. You can use this option for creating a unique signature.

Finally to give a shape to your signature, click on the option “Mode” and in the mood list you need to click on another object which is “Rich text”.

  • Step 9

Type your signature and make changes accusing the font size and font type. You can also use the alignment option to keep the signature on the left side or right side or in the middle of the page. For example, you can type signature in the bar and use the font Arial and font size 10 and keep the signature, and select the option left side. And, then you will have a signature in aerial font, 10 font size and at the left side of the mail.

  • Step 10

Once you are done with the process and have finalized your signature, then click on the “save’ button to save it.

  • Step 11

Using the same process, you can add more than one signature to your Hotmail account and use it as per your requirement. Additionally, Hotmail also gives you many other options to add things in your signature. For example, if you want to add the URL of your website in your signature, you can import the URL from the saved location, using the import option present at the same page. The benefit of adding the website URL in signature is that the person you are sending the email does not have to switch the page to open your website. He/she can simply click on the website URL present in a signature to open the website.

In addition to that, Hotmail also allows you to add a small logo of your company. The simple process to add a logo in the signature is the same as website URL. You save the company logo in your system, and then import it to the signature page using the import option present, and place it in your signature.

  • Step 12

After saving the changes made in the signature page, click on the options “move to inbox”.

  • Step 13

To check if your signature has been properly made, click on the option “compose mail”, a new draft page with open with the default signature. If you have made more than one signature, the page will show you the option to change the signature before sending the mail. If required, you can substitute the default signature, with the one you want to send.

  • Step 14

If you find any issue in the signature you created just, logout of your Hotmail account and turn off your system.

  • Step 15

Turn on your system and log in again to your Hotmail account.  After landing on the inbox page, click on the options “compose mail”. This time you will see the perfect signature created by you.

  • Step 16

If you did not like the signature you created, follow the same steps to make changes in your current signature and make it according to your exact requirement.

Important points to remember while creating signature in Hotmail

  • You should have proper internet connectivity while creating the signature for your Hotmail account.
  • Keep your laptop or desktop fully charged when you are in the process of creating signature for the account.
  • If you are creating multiple signatures, Hotmail will give you the option to name signatures you have created, to make it easy for you to select it when you are sending a mail. You can name the signature like, work, personal, internal, etc.

How to activate auto-reply in Hotmail account?

The auto reply feature of Hotmail is very interesting and useful when you are on leave and want to inform people sending mail to you that you are unavailable. Check here the easy guide how to activate the auto-reply feature of Hotmail.

  • Step 1

To active the auto reply feature in your Hotmail account is login to your account using the right URL.

  • Step 2

Get onto the inbox page after login to the Hotmail account using your correct login credential that is your user id and password.

  • Step 3

When you are in your inbox page, Check the right top of your page and locate the icon ‘option’.

  • Step 4

There you will find the option “more options”. If you are unable to locate it at the first attempt, scroll down your cursor and check.

  • Step 5

When you will tap the option “more option”, a new page will open with various categories, here you need to tap on the category “Manage your account’.

  • Step 6

In this category, look for the option “Send automated vacation replies”. This is the default reply present in the Hotmail setting page. You can use it whenever you are not available to reply the received messages.

  • Step 7

Click on the “Send automated vacation replies” option, and then a new page will open.

  • Step 8

When you will click on this option again a new screen will option, giving you two options to set.

  1. Don’t send any vacation reply.
  2. Send vacation replies to people who email me.
  • Step 9

Your default setting would be don’t send any vacation reply. So, here you need to change it to “Send vacation replies to people who email me”.

  • Step 10

When you will click on the second option, a mail page will open. Here, you can draft the message that you want to leave to people who send you email.

“Unfortunately, Hotmail does not let users to change the subject line of the auto-reply message. The auto-reply of Hotmail delivers mail to the sender’s mail with the subject line “Vacation Reply”. So, even if someone is sick and had to select the auto-reply feature of Hotmail, his auto-reply mail receiver will get the mail with the subject line “Vacation Reply”. People who use Hotmail application and have used this feature are aware of this. But, for people who are new to this, may feel this annoying.

Therefore, Hotmail gives mail draft option to users, in case they want to something about their absence in the office.

  • Step 11

When you have drafted the messages, click on the option save to save and at the bottom of the mailbox, there is a check box present, which you need to check in.

  • Step 12

The check in box contains the message “only reply to your contacts”. When you check in this box, you ensure that, your vacation message will be sent to the people who are in your contact list. Otherwise, the Hotmail will start sending the auto reply messages to everyone who sent mail to them. This will increase the chances of replying to spam mail, which will further increase the spam mail incoming in your account.

  • Step 13

Now, click on the save button present at the bottom of the draft box. This will save the changes made.

  • Step 14

Land on the inbox page and log off from your account.

  • Step 15

Turn off your system and wait for a few seconds.

  • Step 16

Turn on your system and open your Hotmail account. To check if you have activated the auto-reply feature properly, send a mail to your Hotmail ID from your alternate email, which is there in Hotmail contact list. Or ask a friend to send mail to your Hotmail account, who used to send you mail regularly.

How to remove auto reply?

Once you have rejoined the office, do not forget to remove the Auto reply. To remove auto-reply, you have to follow the same path; you followed to activate auto-reply. The difference here will be you need to click on the option “Don’t send any vacation reply” and save the changes.

The best part about the Hotmail auto reply is that, it sends the auto reply to the sender only once in a day, no matter how many times, the sender sends messages in our inbox.

Important points to remember when you are activating the auto reply

  • Keep your system properly charged as it should not get turned off in between.
  • Your internet connectivity should remain proper when you are activating the feature.
  • Activate an auto-reply only when you are from the office, or it will start sending the vacation email, even when you are there in the office and working.

Use Hotmail calendar to manage work

Want to use your Hotmail account calendar to manage your work here is the way you can do this.

The Hotmail account calendar can be managed in different ways. To use it more effectively first thing you have to do is:


  1. Open the Hotmail login page using the correct URL and get login to your account with your login credential.
  2. After landing on the main page of your Hotmail email account, hover for the calendar option. This option you can find at the left lower side of the landing page.
  3. Click on the calendar option to open and start working on it.

Once you will click on the calendar option, a normal calendar will open. But, because you want to make it better, so check for other options present in the page. On the left hand side of the page, you can check Hotmail present different types of calendar option for you.

My calendar, US holidays, birthday calendar and friends and fun

To manage events, you can use the fun calendar and it gives you various options to manage. Here are the steps to manage this calendar.

  • Click on the ‘Friends and Fun’ calendar and select the month and date for the event.
  • At the top right corner of the date, you can find the option ‘Add’. Use this option to add details in the calendar.
  • You can enter what the event is; you can set the reminder to remind about the event. Various options for recurrence of an event are there in the calendar. Check the option daily, monthly, weekly and yearly.
  • If you want to add more details in the event, like, you are organizing a birth party at your home and want to invite a few of your close friends, then this option is wonderful for you.
  • Click on the option more details. There you will see a description box. In the box, you can write the message you want to share.
  • Click on the save button to freeze the calendar.
  • Now, if you want to share the calendar to invite them in the event you have planned. Click on the event and select the calendar, clicking on the drop down button present in-front of the calendar option. Check the “Fun and Friends” as you have entered the details of the event in this calendar only.
  • Again click on the “Friends and Fun” calendar option to change the page setting.
  • A new page will open with some options. Search the option ‘Sharing’ to start sharing the calendar.
  • Once you will click on the option sharing, a page will open. The page will have some security options for sharing the calendar. If you wish to share the calendar with everyone in your mailing list, you click on the option “Make your calendar public”. Once you will click on this option, your calendar will be shared with everyone in your mailing list.
  • And if you wish to share the calendar only with selected people, select the option ‘Share your calendar privately with friends and family”.
  • In the listed options, check the option “Preview in a web browser”.
  • A link will appear in the description box. Click on the button Ok to share the event with your chosen friends.

This is the way to share “Friends and Fun” calendar. You need to follow the same steps to share other calendars as well.

Manage “My Calendar”

Hotmail gives you many options to manage my calendar as well. With its effective use, you can manage your work more significantly.

Add events and reminders

The “my calendar” in Hotmail ensures effective work management. You can use its features to set reminders for events, registering events and much more. To set reminders, here are the steps.

  • Step 1: Login to your Hotmail account and come to the main page.
  • Step 2: Select the “my calendar” option. Open the calendar and to the month and date, on which you want to add details. Click on the add option to add event details.
  • Step 3: Select the recurrence frequency according to your requirement.
  • Step 4: Hotmail calendar contains calendars of upcoming years as well. So, if you want to add a reminder for something that will occur in years, the option is there. Now, you can use the aforementioned steps to share the calendar with your friends and close group if you wish to do so.

Points to remember

  • The changes require an active hotmail account.
  • You can make changes in Hotmail calendar offline as well, but for sharing internet is required.

How to import contacts in Hotmail from Gmail?

To transfer the contacts from Gmail to Hotmail then you have to first export the contacts from Gmail account to your computer and save that file after that login to your Hotmail account and then import that saved contact file to your Hotmail account for that follow some steps:

  1. First login to your Gmail account by entering your email id and password after login your mailbox will open.
  2. Click on “Gmail” icon on the top left corner you will get a drop down list where you can see the “contacts” option. When you click on the “contacts” your contact list will open.
  3. On the right side under “contacts” section you can see an option of “more” click on it and you will get a drop down list from that click on the “export” item. The dialogue window opens from where you can select whether you want to export specific contacts or group of contacts or you can download all the contacts and save them in a batch file.
  4. In the dialogue window the other option is to “select export format” you can use either of the options as Google CSV, Outlook CSV, vCard.
  5. Choose Outlook CSV and click on the export button for downloading an excel file of contacts and your contact file is saved in your computer.
  6. Check that the download file is saved in the proper format and none of your data is lost.
  7. Now login to your “Hotmail” account by entering your login and password and you directly land in your mailbox.
  8. Now on the bottom left corner you will see the four icons in “image format” named as Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks. Click on “People” image and the new screen opens with the name of contacts.
  9. On the screen you will see three icons search tab, new and manage. Click on the manage menu and a drop down list, open here you will have the options of whether to restore contacts, Import contacts, Export Contacts. Click on “Import Contacts”.
  • A new window opens of “Import Contacts” in which you will ask “where would you like to import from?” and a list of all supported emails like including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Windows Live Mail. Choose Gmail to proceed to the next screen.
  • On this screen it will explain you the step to   “Import the contacts from Gmail” which are already explained in step 1-6.
  • After the steps you will see a “browse” button. Click on the browse button and browse that saved excel file in your computer and select it.
  • When your file gets uploaded the “browse” button change to “upload” button. Click on the “upload” button and your excel file gets uploaded and all the contacts are imported from your Gmail account.
  • You can check all the contacts in “Your Contacts” section and can arrange them either in alphabetically order, first name, last name etc.

Now you can easily access all the Gmail contacts from the Hotmail accounts.

While importing Gmail contacts you may face some issues

Error message

If you import more than 2000 contacts at a time, you will get an error message for this use Excel program to open the CSV file after that separate your files into smaller files and then you can easily import that smaller files.

Contacts get disappear

You have completed your import process, but still no contacts appear in Hotmail then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Locate the CSV file you have downloaded it from your Gmail account the file name is contacts.csv.
  2. Open the CSV file by using MS Excel.
  3. Check whether the information is available in CSV file and if not, then the CSV file you have downloaded is not working properly. So in that case:
    • Delete contacts.csv file.
    • Again, export the contacts and make sure that you have chosen the right group of contacts for export.
    • After the file download opens it with Excel and check if the data is there. And when you close the file prompt window appears with the message “are you sure you want to save it in CSV format”. Always choose “yes” option and if choose “no” all the data will be lost and you have to export the file from Gmail. After that, repeat the same steps for import contact.csv file in hotmail.

Contacts get missed

All the contacts were imported but still some information is missing in CSV file for that simply open the excel file to edit it and add the missing information and also you can replace the information which is not required. Again save the file by choosing the “yes” option and repeat the same steps of the import.