Hotmail mail vs new Outlook

Hotmail and Outlook email first two different applications you back with different capabilities and functionality. But now, Microsoft has merged Outlook and Hotmail application as has created advanced Outlook name for users. However the lovers of Hotmail are still there, and even after availability of Outlook, they are sticking to hotmail Email application and will continue to do so.

Thus, here we are sharing a detail comparison between Hotmail and New Outlook that will help you in choosing the right Email application for you. We are comparing Hotmail and Outlook 2016, the latest version of Outlook On the basis of appearance, Security, storage and work management efficiency.

  • Appearance

“The email account ending with the domain,,,, are all work under the banner of As Outlook has merged all these email applications with it. In the coming time, will make changes in the appearance of this email application as a part of the upgrade process. It will add, a new look to the application and will also enhance its performance, reliability and security.

As far as the Hotmail is concerned, because Outlook has merged Hotmail with it, Microsoft gives no more attention to Hotmail in upgrading it.

In terms of appearance, the Outlook 2016 has been designed to look aesthetically more pleasing and cleaner than its previous version. So, in the coming day, Outlook is going to have more appealing look than Hotmail.

  • Work Management

For work management, both Outlook and Hotmail email applications have almost similar features. With Outlook you get options to create folders and sub-folders to save emails of different categories and make the inbox more organized. Outlook also has advanced filter options to fasten up the search process within the inbox.  Microsoft is in the process of adding many more new features to make Outlook more organized Email application. The options for personalization of account are also added in Outlook. Though, Hotmail also has these features, but because of being outdated application, it lacks all new features.

  • Storage

To ensure users of Outlook never run out of storage space, Microsoft has set you up Outlook with 1TB of storage from the beginning. With the 1TB data storage space, users will be able to save as much data as they want on the platform. It is way much more than what Hotmail offer to their users.

Want to know exactly how much space the 1 terabyte space is? Here is the detail

  • With 1 TB data, you could save 85,899,345pages of Word documents.
  • You are allowed to save nearly 200,000
  • You can save around 250
  • Nearly 310,000

Even the professional’s account holders would not be able cover all space when the Email account is used for a large period of time. Therefore, with new Outlook version, user gets unlimited storage capacity. The biggest advantage is that, it can be upgraded to higher version easily.

The Outlook also offers enough storage capacity for attachment as well. Outlook allows user to send attachments of around 100 MB, on the other hand different email applications including Hotmail alone maximum of 25 MB attachment to be sent with the email.

  • Security

Outlook is much more secure email application in comparing to Hotmail and this is because Microsoft is continuously upgrading it to make it more secure and does not breach the privacy of users. The multilevel authentication process, email encryption and advanced file, Visio document rights management, password protection of account makes Outlook more secure than any other email application. However, when it is compared to Hotmail, than Hotmail too has almost all security features that outlook has, except a few, but all security features are not as advance it is in Outlook new version. The special admin prowess enables the admin to detect crucial and sensitive data that make the Outlook 2016 email application the most secured one.

In its security features, Outlook also has ability to create documents with self-protection ability with the Enterprise Mobility Suite rights management. Another new security feature in Outlook is that it links to attachments can be shared in the place of files, which makes the information exchange in Outlook more secure.

Microsoft is continuously trying to improve Outlook Email application and make it the leader in world. It is doing so, by upgrading the existing features of Outlook and also adding new according to the changing requirement of users. As far as the Hotmail is concerned, though it has numbers of users even at the present time, but Microsoft is not focusing much on the upgradation of Hotmail application as it has been almost with output. So when a comparison is done between new Outlook and Hotmail, then the clear winner is New Outlook.

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