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You have a Hotmail account and want to know how to login to your Hotmail account on Window PC? Here is the step by step instruction.

To login to Hotmail account on Window PC

  • Step 1: Open your web browser and enter the Hotmail login page URL.
  • Step 2: A new page opens with asking you to enter your email address and password. Enter your Hotmail user ID and then password.
  • Step 3: Congratulations, you have successfully signed into your account and now it is ready to use.

This is a simple process to login to your Hotmail account on Windows PC. However, you may encounter many challenges while trying to log into your account, in case your account is not secure or you have forgotten your login details.

Access your Hotmail account on mobile

To access your Hotmail account on mobile you need to first install Outlook Email application. You can take the help of Google Play Store to download this Email application. Follow the shared step by step instruction, to access Hotmail account in mobile devices.

  1. Open the browser of your mobile device and type Google Play Store. Or if you have the Google Play Store installed on your device, then simply click on the Play Store icon, and then type here “Microsoft Outlook”. You will get a list of options, click on the outlook for mobile option and tap on the download button.
  2. Let the software get downloaded completely, and once it is installed on the device, tap on the button ‘install’.
  3. The device will take a few minutes to install the application successfully. So, wait for that and once the application is installed, you will get the option ‘cancel’ and ‘open’.
  4. Check your device menu and locate the outlook icon. After installation, the application will reflect in your phone menu. Click on the icon and the Outlook page will open asking you to login to your account.
  5. The Hotmail and Outlook Email application both work under the banner of Microsoft. Microsoft has now merged Hotmail with Outlook and now it is no more to different email applications. However, people using Hotmail extension can still continue with their Hotmail account, if they wish to do so. To login to Hotmail account all they have to do is enter the complete user name, including the extension in the space given for entering email.
  6. Enter the password of Hotmail account and then click on the login button. Once you click on the option login, the Outlook will ask for the permission to sync all your Hotmail data with your mobile, this include the calendar,  inbox, folders, task and other things you have saved in your Hotmail account. To sync data with mobile device, click on the options sync. The benefit of synching the data with mobile devices is that, you would be able to access your Hotmail account data anytime, anywhere on the mobile device.
  7. Wait for some time to let the sync process complete. It will take a few minutes, and once they sync is complete; the outlook will show you your inbox in the mobile device with all the data you have saved in you had saved Hotmail account there in your inbox.

Login to Hotmail account on iPhone

This is the way to login to your Hotmail account on Android mobile devices. Let’s have a look at the process of login to Hotmail account on iPhone. The numbers of iPhone users have increased tremendously in the last few years. Because the iPhone has a different configuration, therefore, the installation process of Outlook in iPhone is also different from Android. Let’s have a step-by-step blog on how to integrate Hotmail account in iPhone.

  • As a first step of accessing Hotmail in iPhone, you need to prepare your phone for Hotmail integration. For that, go to the setting page, clicking on the gear button and on the setting page you will find the option for email. Click on the option email to start the integration process.
  • Once you will click on the option mail, a new list will open that will have the option “Account”. Now, click on the option “Account”.
  • When it will take on the account option, the account will show all the email accounts you have already registered on your mobile device. If this is the first time you are registering any email account in your device, then you will directly see a button “Add Account”. And if you have some registered account on your phone, then scroll down the account and at the bottom you’ll find the option “Add Account”.
  • Now click on the option add button and follow the device instruction. The device will ask you what type of email account you want to set up. Many options will pop up in the screen from which you need to choose one. You will get the options like Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, etc.

Because we are learning the process of installing Hotmail account in iPhone, you have to click on the option Outlook.

The Hotmail and Outlook both are the email application of Microsoft. Earlier this to email applications were different at had some different capability, but now Microsoft has merged Hotmail with Outlook. Presently only one email account is there for Microsoft and this is Outlook. However, the users of Hotmail are there and therefore, Microsoft has not stopped extension yet. But, to login in Hotmail account, users have to use the outlook URL.

  • When you click on the option Outlook, a new screen will open asking you to enter your Outlook user id and password. Here you have to enter your Hotmail user ID. Do not forget to add extension at the end of your username. Enter the password of your account and click on the login button.
  • At this stage the iPhone device will ask your permission to sync the data you have saved in your Hotmail account with the phone. When you agree to this option, then all the data you have saved in your Hotmail account like inbox emails, calendar, task, folders, etc. will get synced with the phone.

Once the sync process is complete, you are now ready to access your Hotmail account on your iPhone and all your data would be accessible to you. You would be able to access all your Hotmail data anytime, anywhere on your device once the Hotmail is synced properly with your iPhone.

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