Hotmail email vs Gmail account

The Hotmail vs Gmail are two popular email applications used worldwide. Hotmail is the email application of Microsoft, while Gmail is the application of Google. Both the application has their own pros and cons, let’s have a quick comparison of both in terms of usage

  • Accessibility

Gmail is the email application of Google, and all the data of Gmail are stored over the cloud. Therefore, the users of Gmail are able to access their account anytime, anywhere when there is internet connectivity available. To access the Gmail account, all that users require is the internet connectivity, a device to access account, user id and password. The account can be logged in on any device, no matter whether the Gmail is installed in it or not.

Talk about the Hotmail email application, then the Hotmail data is stored on the server locally, when exchange server is used and on the cloud as well. If the data is stored on the server, then to access the account, the user has to get connected with the server. Here also user has to have a device to access Hotmail including user ID and password.

  • Space

Gmail being the Google email application gives 15 GB email storage when it is connected with the Google drive. On the Other hand, Hotmail offer unlimited email storage facility to their users.

  • Safety and privacy

As far as the safety and privacy is concerned, Hotmail is more secure than Gmail. There are many security options present in Hotmail Email application that can be managed to make the account resistance to hacking and other kind of threat.  Google has also added many safety and security features in Gmail application to make it secure and keep the privacy of our users can disturb, still it has to take a long way to beat Hotmail in terms of privacy features.

  • User-friendly

The Hotmail application is more work friendly in comparing to Gmail. The email application is integrated with numbers of features that can be used to manage work effectively. For example, Hotmail has three types of calendars integrated in it that is my calendar, fun and friends’ calendar, birthday calendar. All three calendars can be used separately by the users to manage their appointment and events.

The calendar feature is available in Gmail as well, but it is not as defined as it is in Hotmail account. Hotmail also offers the facility of sharing the calendar with friends and contact, and Gmail lacks this facility.

  • MS Office Suite accessibility

Hotmail is the email application of Microsoft, while Gmail is the application of Google. Thus, Hotmail allows users to integrate the email application with other MS office suites. On the other hand, Gmail is the Google application, thus, it does not allow integration of MS Office with it. However, Google has its own suits for the words which are quite similar to MS Office Suite in terms of function.

  • Spam

In Gmail account people receives more spam mails, then Hotmail. This is because, it is said that Gmail scan the email of users to understand their interest and requirement and accordingly send advertisement mails to them. Hotmail does not have any such provision in it. And therefore, it does not disturb the privacy of users and also protect the account from junk and spam mails.

  • Chat option

Gmail has the chat window with the names Hangout, which integrates with the mail. Once the user is login to the Gmail account automatically gets login to Hangout account as well, if he/she has activated that. For chat related requirement, Hotmail users have to take the help of the Skype application. For placing a video call as well Hotmail users are dependent on Skype, on the other hand Hangout application allows users to make calls directly from the Gmail.

  • Email for work

Though, people are using Gmail application for work as well, but Gmail has exclusive business Email application for work-related requirement. This is paid service of Gmail and to know more about it one can get in touch with the support team of Google. On the other hand, Hotmail is a business oriented email application and thus, it has all the features that make work management easeful.

  • Languages used

Being the old Email application, Hotmail is available in 106 International languages, while Gmail is available in 72 International languages. This makes Hotmail more popular amongst the users worldwide in comparing to Gmail.

  • Users number

Though Hotmail has more features than Gmail, still its popularity is behind Gmail. According to latest data Gmail has nearly 430 million users and Hotmail has 425 Millions.

  • New features

Hotmail Email application has now been taken over by the Outlook Email application, which is also the part of MS Suite, and thus Microsoft is not focusing much on Hotmail now. On the other hand, Google is trying to add more features in Gmail to make it more user friendly and work oriented.

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