Easy steps to create signature for the Hotmail account

We want to add signature in Hotmail account, to give your email a touch of personalization. Here is the step by step guidance to add signature in your email.

  • Step 1

Open your Hotmail login page by entering the correct URL in your web browser.

  • Step 2

Login to your Hotmail account using your login credential and password.

  • Step 3

Find the option button present on the inbox page. Find the option button at the right side of the page.

  • Step 4

When you click on the button “Option”, a drop down list will open with many other options, here you need to click on “More options”. This will open your Hotmail account setting page.

  • Step 5

On this page you will find the different section, with different setting options.

  • Step 6

To reach at signature settings option, you need to click on the section “Writing email” and then on the option present in the same section “Message font and signature”.

  • Step 7

Hover for the option “Personal signature’ at this page, as this is the page, where you need to add signature in your account.

  • Step 8

Hotmail will show you different options for creating the signature. You can use this option for creating a unique signature.

Finally to give a shape to your signature, click on the option “Mode” and in the mood list you need to click on another object which is “Rich text”.

  • Step 9

Type your signature and make changes accusing the font size and font type. You can also use the alignment option to keep the signature on the left side or right side or in the middle of the page. For example, you can type signature in the bar and use the font Arial and font size 10 and keep the signature, and select the option left side. And, then you will have a signature in aerial font, 10 font size and at the left side of the mail.

  • Step 10

Once you are done with the process and have finalized your signature, then click on the “save’ button to save it.

  • Step 11

Using the same process, you can add more than one signature to your Hotmail account and use it as per your requirement. Additionally, Hotmail also gives you many other options to add things in your signature. For example, if you want to add the URL of your website in your signature, you can import the URL from the saved location, using the import option present at the same page. The benefit of adding the website URL in signature is that the person you are sending the email does not have to switch the page to open your website. He/she can simply click on the website URL present in a signature to open the website.

In addition to that, Hotmail also allows you to add a small logo of your company. The simple process to add a logo in the signature is the same as website URL. You save the company logo in your system, and then import it to the signature page using the import option present, and place it in your signature.

  • Step 12

After saving the changes made in the signature page, click on the options “move to inbox”.

  • Step 13

To check if your signature has been properly made, click on the option “compose mail”, a new draft page with open with the default signature. If you have made more than one signature, the page will show you the option to change the signature before sending the mail. If required, you can substitute the default signature, with the one you want to send.

  • Step 14

If you find any issue in the signature you created just, logout of your Hotmail account and turn off your system.

  • Step 15

Turn on your system and log in again to your Hotmail account.  After landing on the inbox page, click on the options “compose mail”. This time you will see the perfect signature created by you.

  • Step 16

If you did not like the signature you created, follow the same steps to make changes in your current signature and make it according to your exact requirement.

Important points to remember while creating signature in Hotmail

  • You should have proper internet connectivity while creating the signature for your Hotmail account.
  • Keep your laptop or desktop fully charged when you are in the process of creating signature for the account.
  • If you are creating multiple signatures, Hotmail will give you the option to name signatures you have created, to make it easy for you to select it when you are sending a mail. You can name the signature like, work, personal, internal, etc.

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