Best apps to sync with Hotmail

Facing trouble in managing two accounts? Merge Gmail with Hotmail.

Do you want to make your Hotmail account more user-friendly? Then here are some of the apps that you can sync with your Hotmail account.

Step by step guide to integrate Gmail with Hotmail account

Prerequisite for merge process

  1. In order to integrate Gmail account with your Hotmail account, you need to have an active Gmail and Hotmail account both.
  2. The second important thing for integrating Gmail with Hotmail is you should have good internet connectivity.
  3. Your laptop/ desktop should be properly charged and ready for you.

Now follow the instructions to integrate Gmail with Hotmail account

  • Step 1

The first step to integrate the Gmail application with Hotmail is you have to login to the Gmail account with your correct login credentials.

  • Step 2

Open the login page of Gmail using the correct URL, the URL for the same is and log into your account.

  • Step 3

Open the setting page Gmail and click on the icon setting present at the top right side of the page. When you will place the cursor on the icon, a drop down list will appear. Scroll down the list and click on the option ‘setting’.

  • Step 4

At the top of the page you can find different options for setting. Here, you have to click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.

  • Step 5

In the category POP download, you can see there are three options for pop settings.

  1. Enable pop for all mail.
  2. Enable pop for Nails that arrives from now on.
  3. Disable pop.

In this step you have to click on the button disabled POP to enable it. Save the changes you have made in your account.

  • Step 6

As you have to sync the Google Gmail account with your Hotmail account, therefore, now log in to your Hotmail account to make necessary changes.

  • Step 7

Open the login page of Hotmail account in your web browser and login to your account using your login credentials.

  • Step 8

Click on the setting button present on the upper right corner of the page. From the drop down list, select the option ‘More Mail Settings”.

  • Step 9

When you will click on the option a new page will open. On this page look for the option “Sending/receiving email from other accounts”.

  • Step 10

A drop down list will open with multiple options; here you need to click on the option “Add an email account”.

  • Step 11

This is the step to add your Gmail account to your Hotmail account.

  • Step 12

A page will open with the blanks asking you to enter your Gmail account address.  If you are using the normal Gmail account, then you have to enter your Gmail ID here. And in the next blank, enter the password of your Gmail account, you use to login to your account.

  • Step 13

If you are Gmail account is not the normal one, you are using Google app instead of Gmail, then here you need to enter your complete user name along with the POP3 username.

  • Step 14

The incoming mail server address for the same would be And the default it would be 995.

  • Step 15

If you have enabled two step verification in your Google account for security and privacy concern, then you have to create an App specific password here.

  • Step 16

Save the changes you have made in the settings in your Hotmail account.

  • Step 17

Sign out your Hotmail account and turn off your system.

  • Step 18

Turn on the system, open your web browser, enter the login URL of admin account and then sign in to your Hotmail.

  • Step 19

Now you can see Gmail inbox in your Hotmail account.

  • Step 20

Following the same process you can merge up to four different Gmail account with your Hotmail. Microsoft allows you to do this. It says that the storage capacity of Hotmail can be increased according to the user’s requirement.

  • Step 21

When Gmail gets merged with your Hotmail account, all folders of Gmail like inbox, sent items, draft, etc. also moves in your Hotmail mail and you can check your Gmail inbox right in the Hotmail mailbox.

  • Step 22

You can check the internet to know how to manage Hotmail account when two or more email accounts are merged with it.

However, before merging the Gmail with your Hotmail account, make sure your PST size is not oversized. The oversized PST often leads to hiccups in the complete merger of two accounts.

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